An Empirical Study on Analysing the Pathway of Success for Leaders in Hospitality Industry

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Dr. Charu Mohla


The leadership management in the hospitality industry is becoming a challenge nowadays. However there is a little competition in the market especially in the field of leadership management in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry must be developed because of the development of the open market operations within the country to stop the government has been given a high rate of tax from the hospitality industry as well. This is the reason why the government is helping for the development of the hospitality industry. In each and every industry there is a high necessity of leaders who are much more effective and efficient in handling any situation under any circumstances and without any hesitation. They must be trained as per the rules and regulations of the hotel management. In this research paper the researcher has applied both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to find out what has the situation of the leadership industry in hospitality Management during the time of the pandemic. In this research paper several skills are also discussed and the reasons and the circumstances are also described in a brief manner which will be helpful for analysing the findings of the research paper. Administrative policy in the area of the hospitality industry is one of the most leadership challenges for the faculty of the hospitality industry. Therefore in the academic session leadership management should be a part of study.

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