A Low Cost Effective Contrast Therapy Using Controlled Peltier Effect

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R. Pavaiyarkarasi, V. Sasikala, S. Nithyaselvakumari, M. Yogalakshmi, S. Udhayasankar, K.Praveen


The main objective of this work is to develop an IoT enabled low cost contrast water therapy module, the work make use of the peltier effect to generate the hot and cold water that is stored in the containers, accurate temperature, rapid attainment of the specific temperature and retention of the specific temperature are the most important requirements for the contrast water therapy, these requirements are fulfilled through the reliable sensors and the optimized code in the controller, For different injuries different level of temperatures are maintained through the controller , The use of internet of things makes the module smarter and the history of the treatment gives more inferences to treat the patient better.

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