IoT Solution for Elderly Individual with Independent Lifestyle

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SK. Shabanabegum, B. Rajalakshmi, Dr. SK. Erfan, J. Edward Paulraj, S. Mohammed Rasool


Internet of things plays a major role in the health care domain, It not only helps in monitoring the patient continuously but also useful in drawing inferences from those information which will be helpful to treat the patient with appropriate treatment, This work aims at delivering at most care to the elderly people who would like to live independent living, the idea is deploying the sensors in the places where the individual lives and monitoring their activities through internet of things ,the  data acquired  are saved in the IoT cloud  that can be used to draw some inferences about their health behaviour and daily activities through data analytics  , those data will be useful for the doctors to  understand the elderly people health conditions and the same will be intimated to the care takers under the circumstances when the immediate attention is needed.

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