Influence of Business Intelligence on Future of Human Resource Management

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Marzoq Abdo Nasser Shagera, Prof. Saneem Fatima


Technology's importance has grown in recent years all across the world. Top global trade executives are well-versed in the use of technology to meet corporate objectives. These instruments not only aid in the achievement of objectives, but also in the optimization of a company's operations. This article will provide a quick review of the capabilities of business intelligence in the area of HR for assessing human capital productiveness and making good usage of the data of HR data. The globe has risen to the top of global trade, which is made possible, without a doubt, by excellent technology. These enhanced technical advancements and information have had a significant impact on how the corporate world operates. The influence of technology may be seen in every aspect of business areas. Business intelligence has had a tremendous influence on improving the efficiency of functioning and staff growth. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of business intelligence on HRM.

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