Visual Cryptography

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Aryan Alam Shaikh, Dr. Chandrashekhar Mahajan


As the use of the web over the world has enlarged to a high level, the safe transmission of the information has become tougher. the protection of the information and data is incredibly necessary for each individual. this is often the explanation why researchers are perpetually concerned in developing new technologies for safe transmission of the information over the web. Several cryptography techniques are discovered and therefore the add this field is sort of unending. one of the best techniques is Visual cryptography. it's a crypto logic technique within which the human sensory system is accountable for the decoding of the visual data, be it an image, text, etc. Visual Cryptography could be an immense space of analysis and is employed in I information activity, color imaging securing I pictures, and different such fields. Here, we tend to aim to look towards a complicated version of cryptography named Visual Cryptography. I Visual I Cryptography came up as a singular secret writing method for data security. It uses pictures rather than texts. An awfully special feature of this method is that the decoding of the encrypted image is finished via the human vision only if I the I right key of image is used. The secret image is reworked into many I share pictures during this procedure. These I shared pictures are I meaningful however distorted. the original image I may be recovered by the union of those shared pictures.

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