Digital Advertisements: Predictive Analytics - User Interest and Preference

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Pappu Rajan


Digital Advertisements are reaching greater heights in these days for industry for their promotion and branding but the user preference of various modes of advertisements are not analyzed. This study is used predictive analytics to predict the mode of digital advertisements is preferred mostly by the users who uses more digital gadgets. Initially data are extracted from online tools. This research is to analyze the user preferred mode of advertisement and the reason for choosing a particular advertisement. The type of data which is used in the study is Secondary data. The data is collected from various websites based on the total views of customers. In this study various websites were taken for analysis. Hence the sample is of huge volume of quality data retrieved from the period April – June 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Digital Mode of Advertisements are already proved to reach maximum number of and advertisements that are made through Social Media are proved to reach all sector of audience at a quicker with low cost per click rate. It is also proved that each sector of industries has their own user preferred mode of advertisements and in general it can be said that User’s preference changes according to the product.

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