The Role of Problem Solving Ability in Entrepreneur’s: Innovative Behaviour, Challenges & Planning among Physical Education Graduates

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Anshul Mehrottra, Dr. Rahul Kumar, Dr. (Prof.) Kalpana Sharma


The focus of the finding is to analyze the problem-solving skills of the physical education graduates from three different universities of physical education and sports by the three different abilities Innovative Behaviour, Challenges and Planning. The survey study was conducted using Vaidya’s Problem-Solving Adequacy Questionnaire to determine and to differentiate three different abilities of physical education graduates into Entrepreneurship. The accumulated data was inspected by SPSS 16.0 statistical software and One-way Anova Kruskal Wallis test and then was applied for examining the difference in three abilities. i.e., Innovative Behaviour, Challenges and Planning of physical education graduates. The hypothesis was made to find the difference into the university participants on three different problem-solving abilities in entrepreneurship. The result of the study shows the significant difference in two different abilities i.e. Innovative Behaviour and Planning of problem solving in entrepreneurship and no significant in one ability i.e. Challenges out of three different abilities. These data were addressed at the significance level of P<0.05.

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