More misses than hits: Diagnosis at the earliest saves complications

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Dr Shriya S. Ginde, Dr Sonal B. Shah, Dr Prathamesh V. Bhujbal


A thorough history alongside meticulous examination yields a lot of valuable information which helps to rule out a variety of possibilities which might be the result of discomfort the patients suffer from and it helps us to come to a proper diagnosis and treat the patients accordingly. Patient reported to our department with a complaint of odynophagia and pain in the throat since 5-6 days. After reporting to two other local dentists, he was given treatment in the form of analgesics and antibiotics for his grossly carious maxillary third molar, but the pain did not recede. Then when he reported to our department, he was taken a proper case history of, and thorough examination was done. We found a foreign body in his left anterior faucial pillar region which was then extracted after topical local anaesthesia was sprayed, the area was anaesthetised and it was removed with artery forceps. The patient then gave a history of consumption of a local fish 7-8 days ago, which helped confirm the fishbone impaction. Such cases are examples of the fact that a thorough history, backed up with an immaculate examination will provide relief, help in preventing complications. We must also remember that the injudicious use of the medications should be avoided.

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