Effect of Autogenic Relaxation Therapy & Self-Management Training on Depression among adolescents: A Comparative Study

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Dr. Neharshi Srivastava, Dr. Neeta Gupta


The present study has tried to explore the effect of Depression in relation to Group Therapies (Autogenic Relaxation Training and Self-Management Training) among male & female adolescents. For this, different schools in Lucknow City were contacted and the respondents were selected using Quota Sampling. A total no of 200 respondents were selected through Quota Sampling from different schools of Lucknow City, U.P they were equally divided into males and females. They were further divided randomly into equal groups having different types of group therapy. Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) constructed by Beck, et al (1961) was used to measure Depression of the adolescents. A 2×2×2 factorial mixed design was utilized to conceptualize the study and analyze the obtained data. After data collection obtained data of Pre-test & Post- test of ART & SMT were analyzed by using SPSS.20 software. The obtained data were analyzed using Means, SD, and ANOVAs. The results have suggested that SMT was found to be a better technique for reducing Depression among Adolescents. Females were found to report more depression than males.

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