The 7I's Model for Graduate Attributes (GAs) in Jordanian Universities

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Abdalla Khataybeh, Rania Alrefaie, Ghada Al-Khasawneh


Graduate attributes (GAs) in Jordanian universities website have been mentioned as generic skills, soft skills or work ready skills. Which means that they are high-level qualities of skills and understandings that a student should have as outcomes of the learning and experiences they are engaged in.

Jordanian Universities have drawn up lists of Graduate Attributes but without consistency in how these attributes were named and described, so it will be difficult to compare universities and their different curricula.

This research aimed to implementing the 7I's GAs model to find patterns and similarities in the characteristics adopted by universities in Jordan to build a comprehensive and clear language for the graduates attributes.

We will use qualitative content analysis to quantify the Graduate Attributes, condensing lists of attributes in Jordanian universities statement missions into attributes grouped into 7I's GAs Model.

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