Father Gjergj Fishta - A Personality, Who Engraved in Golden Letters his Name in the History of Albanian Culture

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Dr. Rovena (Vata) Mikeli


Father Gjergj Fishta was a Franciscan friar, a national ideologue, poet, patriot, lyricist, playwright, satirist, politician, pedagogue, psychologist, painter, conciliator, Albanian language reformer, pacifist, student, participant and the determining and decisive factor of the national cause. He wrote and worked according to the binomial Religion and Homeland, leaving as legacy to generations the monument of Albanian literature or as his masterpiece is known, “The Highland Lute”. He lived in very turbulent times for the country and the nation, but he gave more than all other Albanians. Father Gjergj Fishta was the first Albanian to establish official diplomatic relations with the United States. He was a promoter of Albanian history and culture in the great western world. Friar in style of dressing, but with a high demeanor and preparation from European culture, he defended through his speech the Albanian language. We remember his participation in the Congress of Manastir and the role he played for Albania and Albanians. His collaboration with Abat Doçi, Ernest Koliqi and Martin Camaj, who for about 18 years promoted the Albanian history and culture in emigration.

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