Forensic Evidence Relevance in Police Procedure And Criminal Justice Procedure

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Mrs.Shubhi Mack, Dr. Ishita Chatterjee


Over the past twenty-five years, the forensic sciences have made dramatic scientific breakthroughs (DNA typing, physical evidence databases, and new scientific instrumentation) but studies are needed to assess the contribution of such advancements on the role and impact of scientific evidence in criminal case processing. Targeted studies have evaluated the value of DNA evidence in property crime investigations, but no studies have reviewed the full array of scientific evidence present at crime scenes. Multivariate analysis revealed that homicides among non-strangers and cases with witness reports were significantly more likely to result in arrests. Forensic evidence was not significant but this result was most likely due to a lack of variation in cases with and without evidence. It was found that forensic science helps in criminal investigation and assisting the criminal justice system by providing a better understanding of the criminal potentialities.

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