Designing Key-Escrow Free Attribute-Based Multi-Keyword Search with Dynamic Policy Updates in Cloud Computing

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Dr. D. Bujji Babu, K. Jaya Krishna, P. Suneetha, D. V. Ramya Sri, M. Srikanth, R. Sivannarayana


Able to find and manage access to cloud-encrypted data using attribute-based searchable encryption (ABSE) approaches. The following issues plagued prior ABSE systems, which were supposed to protect data while yet making it accessible. There's a key-escrow problem here that might lead to misuse of the user's private information. If you only search for one phrase, you may get results that have little to do with your original inquiry, yet they're still vulnerable in real-world situations. Static policy updating is a time- and resource-intensive process that can be costly to implement. Using multiple keywords and dynamic policy changes in the cloud, we propose a novel technique in this paper using the newly developed ABSE method, described as a 'free attribute-escrow.' We'll utilise this to tackle all of the difficulties described above (KAMS-PU). KAMS-PU is safe from attacks on authority and keyword selection (CKA) in the context of a random oracle, according to the security research In addition, a performance analysis shows that KAMS-PU is both effective and feasible in real-world settings.

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