Service Quality: ‘Performance Only Measure’ an Improvement over ‘Servqual’

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Silky Jain, Dr. Surbhi Jain


Service sector, also known as the tertiary sector has assumed greater importance in overall economic development of a country like India and contributes more than 50% of the GDP of country. Entrepreneurs that want to be competitive pay more attention to deliver better service quality so that they can compete worldwide, and they make it a part of a continuous service quality monitoring process for providing the highest service quality. Service quality literature is packed with many models to measures service quality with two prominent models forming genesis of service quality assessments are GAP/SERVQUAL Model developed and subsequently modified by Parasuraman, Zeithaml, & Berry (1985; 1988; 1991; 1994) and performance only scale called SERVPERF developed by Cronin and Taylor (1992). The goal of this research is to present two strategies for evaluating service quality in a clear, succinct, and thoughtful manner, as well as a superior strategy to assessing service quality that has been advocated by multiple researchers.

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