A Study on the Perception of Student Teachers in Relation to Innovative Teaching Strategies that Nurtures their Happiness

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Mrs. Falguni Anish Shah, Dr. Priya Singh


The discourse on education goes in multiple directions. Indian Education system is march towards marks thus, is often looked down upon for it's over emphasis on marks and no attention to the happiness of the students. Students in India are more stressed than happy. Happiness is a factor which fundamentally is the antithesis of stress and depression. But how much does happiness matter when it comes to learning? According to the study conducted in this research it was found that students learned more when associated with happiness promoting activities. And one of the happiness promoting activities is the innovativeteaching strategies applied by the facilitator during the teaching and learning process.The study is important in the context of Indian Educational system. In India, classrooms have become more about the weights of grades and marks thanlearning. This study certainly opens up possibilities about various innovative and flexible teaching strategies which can nurture student's happiness in the classrooms.

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