Effect of Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy on SMEs Performance: A Study of Furniture Manufacturing SMEs in Malaysia

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Fazal Akbar, Fazli Wadood, Sohail Farooq


In today's competitive business environment, innovation and innovation related activities are one of the best source of firm competitive advantages. In this regards, adoption and persuasion of innovative marketing strategies leads entrepreneur towards success. Abundant entrepreneurs fail due to lack of innovative strategies and having no innovative marketing strategies. Hence, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the role of marketing strategy on entrepreneurial performance in manufacturing SMEs of Malaysia. Structured questionnaire was distributed among 250 furniture manufacturing SMEs in Johor, Malaysia using random sampling procedure. 145 finished surveys were resumed presenting the response rate of 76%. Data were analyzed through SmartPLS 3. The findings of this research endorse a positive relation between innovative marketing strategy with regard to firm performance

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