Secularism and politics in post-liberal india.

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Sumit kumar pachauri


This article analyzes the concept of secularism and its relevance in post-liberal India. Rise of right-wing forces in post liberal India had brought a challenge to the secular construction of society. Secularism at theoretical level implies separation of religion and politics. This paper attempts to study the relevance of secularism in South Asia with special reference to India and highlights how communalization of politics and society has put forth a challenge to the concept of secularism ultimately leading to marginalization of minorities from mainstream politics. In retreat of secular state in India after 1980’s rise of caste and caste politics has crucial dimension analyzed in this paper.  I would like to divide this article in two sections, first section will deal with conceptual understanding of term Secularism and second section will deal with challenges to secularism from 1980 onwards.

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