Learning The Effect Of External Compression On Lead Silicate Ceramic Compound

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Mamatkarimov Odiljon Okhundadayevich, Kuchkarov Bekhzod Khoshimjanovich,Turgunov Muslim Omonboyevich, Khalmirzayev Akrom Abduqodirovich


The effect of ultrasonic action on the density of electronic states localized at the Si-glass interface is studied. A method is proposed for determining the surface and volume generation rates of charge carriers using the calculated time dependence of the space charge region width (SCR) when comparing it with the experimental dependence. Ultrasonic treatment of Al-n-Si - glass - Al structures with a frequency of 2.5 MHz and a power of 0.5 W for 40 minutes leads to a decrease in the rate of charge formation of the inversion layer. This is due to a decrease in the integral density of electronic states localized at the semiconductor-glass interface and does not affect the energy spectrum of bulk electronic states in a semiconductor.

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