Determination Of The Effect Of The Gradient Pressure Field On A Varicap-Based Schottky Diode

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Mamatkarimov Odiljon Okhundadayevich, Kuchkarov Bekhzod Khoshimjanovich, Bahramov Bohodir Mirzaabdullayevich, Khalmirzayev Akrom Abduqodirovich


The volt-farada dependence of a varicape made on the basis of a Schottky barrier subjected to comprehensive hydrostatic compression up to 6 kBar is considered, as well as capacitance variations from the voltage as the frequency increases from 44 Hz to 150 kHz. A strong dependence of the barrier parameters on the shape of the impurity distribution profile and on the applied pressure is shown. It is established that holding the varicap within 12 minutes under a pressure of 6 kBar leads to an increase in its sensitivity

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