Impact of Workplace Ostracism on Employee Outcomes Mediated by Empowerment Structure and Moderated by Restructuring of Working Culture in Healthcare Sector

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Muhammad Adnan Maqbool, Nadia Nasir, Sahar Latif Rana, Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Nawaz


The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of workplace ostracism on employee outcomes mediated by empowerment structure and moderated by restructuring of working culture in healthcare sector. Data was collected through questionnaires which were distributed in Pakistani hospitals. Total 465 questionnaires were distributed and 450 returned. Data was gathered from one source which was nurses of Pakistani hospitals. Findings of this study showed that workplace ostracism has an impact on employee outcomes. Findings of this study showed that workplace ostracism has an impact of empowerment structure. Empowerment structures also have significant impact on employee outcomes. Workplace ostracism in organization showed a high ostracism which results in negative behavior of employees which shows employee outcomes. Results of study also showed that workplace ostracism has a relationship with employee outcomes through mediation effect empowerment structure. Findings of study also show that empowerment structure acts as a mediator between the workplace ostracism and employee outcomes in organization. Results of study also showed that restructuring of working culture was moderating relation between employee outcomes and empowerment structure and restructuring the working culture decline relationship.

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