Agroforestry for Sustainable Rural Livelihood: A Review

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Dr. Vishakha Bansal, Dr. Vandana Joshi, Dr. S. C. Meena


Adequate and sustainable access to income and resources such as adequate access to food, drinking water, health facilities and education to meet basic needs is a lifeline. Maintaining a livelihood is a major challenge facing policymakers and decision-makers in the current situation. In this context land-use measures that maintain livelihood security and reduce climate and climate change are needed. Agroforestry can play a key role in bringing about the desired level of diversity and sustainability. Agroforestry has the potential to provide food security and help reduce poverty and its contribution to environmental protection i.e. soil conservation, carbon intake is very important. Traditional farming and management such as agro-forestry may offer livelihood options by simultaneously producing food, fodder and firewood and minimizing the impact of climate change.

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