Strengthening Awards To The Potential Of The Community And The Environment At Tao Silaban, Indonesia

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Johari Manik, Ade Putra Panjaitan, Herlina Saragih


The existence of the Tao Silaban community and environment close to the Toba Caldera Geopark has an effect on the increase in the tourism sector. This study aims to obtain information about the potential of the community and environment of Tao Silaban and to strengthen appreciation for that potential in order to improve the quality of life. Data collection was carried out through ethnographic strategies with interview, observation, document analysis and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) methods. The characteristics of the Tao Silaban community are the Toba Batak ethnicity, with the dominance of the Silaban clan and being Christian. Adhering to the traditional principles of Batak culture, the people of Tao Silaban are classified as productive with their traditional livelihoods. The Tao Silaban community has a fairly positive perception in welcoming the discourse of developing Tao Silaban into a tourist destination. However, people want the tourism actors to be Tao Silaban's own people. The Tao Silaban community has close interactions within the community. The community prioritizes deliberation to make a decision. The community needs intense and sustainable tourism awareness education. Strengthening appreciation for environmental potential emphasizes the preservation of Tao Silaban and good cooperation by stakeholders in accordance with community expectations.

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