Adiabatic switching of cell structures for Low power cmos devices

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Y.Nagalakshmi, M.Chathar Singh, A.Subramanyam


The dynamic power requirement of CMOS circuits is rapidly becoming a major concern in the design of personal information systems and large computers. In this paper, a new CMOS logic family called ADIABATIC LOGIC, based on the adiabatic switching principle is presented. The term adiabatic comes from thermodynamics, used to describe a process in which there is no exchange of heat with the environment. The adiabatic logic structure dramatically reduces the power dissipation. The adiabatic switching technique can achieve very low power dissipation, but at the expense of circuit complexity. Adiabatic logic offers a way to reuse the energy stored in the load capacitors rather than the traditional way of discharging the load capacitors to the ground and wasting this energy.

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