Comparative study on seismic analysis of square and rectangular building with varying heights

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D Sravya, Dr V B Reddy Sudha


The goal of this research is to investigate the seismic behaviour of square and rectangular RC framed constructions of various heights. The study's main goal is to investigate the seismic performance of square and rectangle framed buildings when subjected to combined loads. Only square and rectangular RC framed commercial buildings with G+10, G+20, and G+30 storeys that are located in seismic zone V are included for comparison in this study. The analytical methods employed are equivalent static and linear dynamic. For modelling RC framed buildings, the loading calculations were done according to codal regulations, namely IS:1893(Part I) – 2002, IS:875 (Part III) – 1987, and IS:456 – 2002. On the basis of storey drift, storey shear, storey stiffness storey displacements, storey drift, and overturning moments, the results of seismic analysis in Zone V are compared with square and rectangular buildings using ETABS.

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