Design And Analysis Of G+11 Residential Building Using Equivalent Static Method

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Mr. Mukul Saxena, Mr. Rishabh Kashyap, Mr. Arstu Gautam


As we follow the approach of progressed innovation, modify structures that is residential & commercial buildings are outlined with expanded adaptability, expanding their helplessness to outside excitation. Subsequently, these structures are powerless to intemperate modes of seismic tremors. To secure such gracious structures from noteworthy basic harm, the tectonic reactions of these structures is analyzed along with the determination of forces such as support responses, node displacements, beam results etc., and included within the basic plan for a ground shaking safe structure. The fundamental purpose of this paper is to make an earthquake resistant building by performing seismic analysis of the designed structure using “Static Equivalent Method of Analysis”. The analysis and design of the structure is done by utilizing STAAD.Pro software. For this reason, a G+11 building plan in Lucknow city is undertaken which lies in earthquake Zone-III as per IS 1893:2016 on medium soil type with Zone factor 0.16, for Ordinary Moment Resistant Frame, Importance factor 1.2, Response Reduction Factor is 3 and Damping ratio 5%. Main motto of paper is an analysis of seismicity on the RCC building frame on G+11

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