The Empowerment of Transgender People through Free Bus Travel Scheme in Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu

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Dr. Hameed Basha B., Dr. S. Sridhar, Dr. K. Govindaraj


            From ancient to modern period, the transgender community has faced lot of constrains from the society, even their own family. Because, the stigma over there for consisting transgender member in the family. Women and transgender are the socially discriminated, marginalized for long years. But, the modernization and literacy have transformed the society and the instinct of the people, and providing the social status to the above communities. However, their positions not reach a better position to compare with men and women. A State Government of Tamil Nadu has been focused the development of the each citizen by its schemes and programmes. On the consequences, the Government has planned to provide free bus travel for women, transgender, and physically challenged. Perhaps, this vision has revealed in the election manifesto on the election campaign. Indeed, the election manifesto possessed lot of freebies and doles might be the most populism in Tamil Nadu. Indeed, Election manifest calling it the “Second Hero” and party candidates being the “first hero”.1After getting the power and implemented wise schemes like free travel scheme for enhancing the mobility for the marginalized class. The transgender people earnings might be biggest challenge in the modern society. But this scheme made several changes in the economical fields, benefited to the same. This article has focused how the free travel scheme empowers the transgender community in Villupuram District.

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