Guidelines for Managing Practical Nursing Studies (PN) in Vocational Education Institutions: Study of Practical Nursing Branch Competency in Thailand and Overseas by Content Analysis.

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Kulwaree Rakreangnam, Anuchai Ramwarungkura, NalinratRakkusol


This research is an academic document research. And articles both in Thailand and abroad to study the competencies of practical nursing in Thailand and abroad. The scope of this study consisted of competencies in Practical Nursing (PN) of Thailand and abroad as USA, England, Japan,Singapore,and the Philippines.The Data analysis is a content analysis.

From the research, It was found that the Practical Nursing 's competencies consisted of 1) Simple nursing practice, 2) Able to collect recordings. And able to the report information ability, Variable patient information 3) Specific tasks assigned by patients with stable / mild symptoms 4) Supervising the movement and exercise of the patient. 5) Assessment of the patient's condition using simple tools 6) Drug delivery in health care facilities provided by a practitioner or in a place where a person resides independently. Steady or predictable situations of illness. 7) Knowledge in the use of technology and information. 8) Knowledge of morality, ethics and laws and require practical training. Practice in hospital. The qualification is accredited under the Nursing Council of Thailand. While at the School of Practical Nursing (PN) Abroad, the competency of students, Teachers, and educational administration Where registered nurses are teachers. The place of practice is a hospital or nursing home. But there is a difference in the student's educational establishment. In Thailand there are no practical nursing branches (PN) in a technical or technology college in an educational institution in the public sector as well as abroad, for example Singapore Philippines, Japan, Graduates have been awarded a certificate of professional qualification or have a license; The LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) is tested by the National Council of Nursing (NCLEX-PN). Those who have completed a vocational education institution receive an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nursing) qualification.

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