The Conception of Conscious Human Evolution through Spiritual Perspective of Expecting Maternity.

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Dr. Gurvinder Ahluwalia


The current research is stressing the importance of ‘Special Education’, in the area of ‘Developmental Psychology’. There is a continuous striving to discover the methods and practices to bring about positive change in society, and protect the people from rising negativity due to depression, mental disorders, poverty, violence, social and emotional disconnections, etc. This research is illustrating the importance of the prenatal period, i.e. from conception to childbirth, which can be deeply transformative with the special education training in the development of consciousness of the child. This study highlights the pioneering special training, called ‘Spiritual Consciousness’ in Prenatal Education, which not only equips the expecting mothers for intra-personal, personal, and social life rather helps her to contribute towards the holistic development of her child, and further to society by changing deeply-entrenched social transgression. In the said ‘Prenatal Education’, the expecting mother becomes trained with various Spiritual Consciousness Practices and spiritually oriented activities. She also learns to use the typical skill, called ‘Quantum Communication’, wherein she can able to facilitate the potential virtues and abilities to the maximum of the unborn child. With this distinctive education, she could able to understand the deeper aspect of spiritual approaches, with the willed to shape up the to-be-born child; physically, mentally, socio-emotionally, and spiritually. She could able to ascertain her capability to influence the spiritual perspective of the child and cultivate higher consciousness in the child.  Through this Education, a constructive remarkable change could be possible in the consciousness of the thriving baby/ generations, and in the whole human family.

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