Automated Fish Feeder using Iot Module

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L.Annie Isabella, S.Aarthi, S.Abirami, R.Beautlin Divya, C.R.Geervani, A.Xavier


Fish are considered auspicious and powerful in Vastu shastra, and they reflect good fortune, prosperity, and abundance in feng shui. Additionally, fish can provide a high degree of positive vibes, create a pleasant environment, relieve stress, and assist in a good night's sleep. Proper management of a fish tank at home will help to reduce hypertension and a rapid heartbeat. The quality and liquid level, the number of calories fed to the fish, the feeding cycles, and temperature fluctuations are all assessed.The project's objective is to computerize the system and reduce human intervention, by using a smartphone where the control for initiating the system can be done remotely by the user. Simultaneously, instant data of the feed, volume of water, the ambience of the water tank are noticed by the user and hence one can monitor the system in his/her absence. Tinkercad is used to build the simulation results.

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