Continuous Power Supply from Solar Panel by using IRLED Lights

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Annie Isabella L. Dharaneesvaran D, Deepak kumar G, Gopinath S, Gunasekaran P


This study proposes the idea of a continuous power supply from solar panels utilising an artificial way of creating Infra-Red(IR).

The solar panel will produce energy even at night and on rainy days by implementing this design.The most significant drawback of a solar panel is that it cannot be utilised at night or if it is in direct sunlight. The aim of our idea is to reduce the drawbacks of solar panels. A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)  is utilized in this project for identifying whether it is morning or night and the analogue value detected is relayed to the PIC microcontroller. Only the necessary load will be on throughout the night hours, ensuring that the battery stays operational even at midnight. The IR Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on the inner side of the shutter, which is positioned on top of the frame, are illuminated at night. The shutter is opened and closed by a motor, which is controlled by a relay. An IoT module monitors the battery's charge and discharges conditions (ESP8266). The system's reliability and economic analysis have been presented

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