Integration of human resource management and supply chain Network with specific reference to overall quality management

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Padmavathi S M, Meenakshi Sharma, Gourab Das, Tejal Mahajan, Sandeep Malik


Organization in the contemporary era aspiring to be quality intensive must create an influential association between their Human Resource Management and Total Quality Management. The association between the two can create performance criteria and lead the organization towards success. If the key information regarding the quality is accessed and transferred professionally, it will result in the attainment of skilled employees at all levels in the organization, leading the organization towards success. Organizations nowadays are highly focused on quality control and frame such policies, focusing on its leadership, strategies, partnership, resources, processes, etc. The study aims to identify the relationship between Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management with reference to Total Quality Management functions. The various ways adopted by organizations to disseminate quality and knowledge are also identified.

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