A Study Based on Plant Disease Prediction System Using Machine Leaning

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Arvind Kumar Shukla, Rajdeep Singh, C. K. Dixit


The Agricultural field plays an important role for the growth any country. Most of Indian populations are depend for their livelihood on the agriculture/crops. Presently, the Indian agriculture is facing a number of hurdles because of the change of climate, water pollution/ shortages, lack of fertilizers, old methods/technologies, different plant’s diseases and many more. These factors are not good for better food production to fulfill the public demand on time.

The crops may be ruined by the infections in the plants, it may harm to our food security. To detect the diseases within the plants is not easy. DFS (Disease forecasting System) for Potato crops using ML (machine learning) is the best method to predict the plant’s diseases for necessary solution to prevent it, timely.

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