Relationship of Achievement Goal Orientation of Different Departments with their Work Engagement and Organizational Commitment

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Dr. Khadija Sittar, Dr. Sumaira Munawar, Dr. Gulshan Fatima Alvi


Achievement goals and organizational commitment are internal representations of desired states that guide individuals’ pursuits. Achievement goal theory is based on individuals’ intrinsic disposition which relate ambition and goal attainment. The study was exploring the relationship between achievement goal orientation of different departments with work engagement and organizational commitment. The study was quantitative in nature and correlation research design was used. Two district (Lahore and Faisalabad) were selected as a sample of the study. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select the universities. one hundred and sixty teachers were selected from public and private universities of central Punjab were selected as a sample. Pearson Product Movement method was used to find the relationship among variables. One Way ANOVA was used to find the difference among different departments. Achievement goal orientation has moderate positive correlation with organizational commitment

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