Stimulation to Learn and Teacher - Student Relationship

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Priti kumari, Dr. Shweta Talesara


Teacher-student relationship is the most basic interpersonal relationship in colleges. In the teaching process, creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning climate and cultivating harmonious teacher-student relationship can not only ease students’ emotional obstacles and learning anxiety, but also can promote students’ learning motivation and autonomous learning consciousness. In recent years, with the development of Pedagogy and Educational Psychology, the research on teacher-student relationship has greatly increased at home and abroad. Nevertheless, the research on how to establish, facilitate, and develop teacher-student relationship from the perspective of educational philosophy is little and not in-depth. The thesis adopted the qualitative research methods. The research samples are 86 non-English major sophomores from Taiyuan College of Modern Science and Technology. Qualitative analysis is mainly based on open questionnaires, diary, interview, and observation. The thesis is divided into five parts. The main frame is as follows: 1) The first part is literature review that stated the main theories on teacher-student relationship from different educational philosophers. 2) The second part is the methodology of this research which introduces the procedures of this study, including participants, procedures of data collection. 3) The third part is mainly about the process of establishing harmonious teacher-student relationship in and after class. 4) The fourth part is the findings from the research. 5) The last part is some implications for teachers from the view of point of educational philosophy.

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