Comparison Of E-Governance in The Developed and The Developing Countries

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Afzaal Amin, Hakim Said, Shehla Naeem, Muhammad Aqeel Khan, Riaz Ahmad, Sumayya Feroz, Khan, Hidayat Ur Rehman


E-governance is relatively a new form of Governance. In today’s modern times only those countries are ruling the world who have a transparent, accountable, and fair administrative system. The transparency and accountability are the most vital and important aspect for any country across the world. The system governance always remain the main theme of interest for the political scientist. They are always in the search of finding out the best possible system of administration. The concept of E-Governance made it extreme easy for the modern states to ensure the system of accountability. Only those countries have reached to the high ranks of development who have high rank in the E-Governance. This paper will find out that what those countries who have gain extreme amount of development in their GDP and what steps they have taken for the development of E-Governance. We will also find out that why the third countries are behind in the GDP and what is their status of E-Governance in the modern times.

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