Application of Robotic Process Automation in Unorganized Sector

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Shefali Ahuja, Dr. R.K. Tailor,


India's unorganized sector includes 93% of the total workforce, which covers half of the GDP. It includes all incorporated business enterprises owned by individuals engaged in the sale and manufacturing of goods and services and run through a proprietary or partnership basis with less than 10 workers. The purpose is to demonstrate a case study presenting the role of robotic process automation in the unorganized sector. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is achieving grounds in global business areas. Thus, businesses are shifting towards digitalization; it plays a sophisticated role and ensures the users a smooth digital experience. A case study assists the research in providing empirical evidence and provides a more effective accounting system. The elaboration and in-depth analysis of this paper will provide some research foundation for robotic process automation implementation.

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