Talent Management in Odisha’s Power Sector: An Exploratory Study

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Swagatika Choudhury, Mousumi Dash, Shibani Pattanayak


The key to the economic development of any country depends on its infrastructure, and particularly on the development of its power sector. India is in the developing stage, so its demand for power consumption is increasing. In order to meet the increasing demand for power it’s the production should be more. The improvement in power production of a power utility is dependant, mostly on the kind of manpower it possesses. The power sector in India is facing scarcity of skilled, talented and well-equipped human resource owing to rural and remote location of units, other employment opportunities and proliferation of jobs in information technology. The ever-growing power sector requires specialised technical manpower for construction, operation and maintenance of various power projects. The key challenge faced by the sector is attraction of the fresh and best talent.

Various studies have been conducted on talent management. Some of these studies focus on the concept; some are based on practical implications, while others are based on actual practices. Studies have been conducted in India and other foreign countries focusing on the above-mentioned aspects. Because talent management is in its infancy, there is a lot of study that has to be done in this area. The present paper, aims to study about talent management in power sector in Odisha. It tries to evaluate the effectiveness and challenges of talent management practices in Power Sector in Odisha. Further, it also attempts to analyse the contribution of talent management practices towards the optimal business outcome and compare the talent management processes of the selected Power Sector Organisations in Odisha.

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