Walking out of Zushan Mountain: Research on the Dance Creation Based on the Historical and Cultural Memories of the Ancient Luoyue Ethnic Group

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Yuxiao Xu,Phakamas Jirajarupat


The ancient Luoyue ethnic group created a splendid culture, which had a significant and far-reaching impact on Chinese civilization, Southeast Asian civilization and even world civilization. The various festivals and sacrificial ceremonies that have been passed down to this day in Luoyue ethnic group are the reflection of historical and cultural memory of the ancient Luoyue Ethnic Group, and also the realistic reflection of ethnic identity enhancement of the Luoyue descendants. This paper will study the Luoyue dance culture, sort out the ancient Luoyue dance elements, and create a Luoyue dance drama named "Walk Out of Zushan Mountain" based on the true form of Luoyue dance. This paper results will help to show the Luoyue culture in detail, expand dissemination of the Luoyue culture, and provide a new dimension for the research on the Luoyue culture.


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