Problems of Classroom Management Regarding Teachers’ Effective Social Interaction: A Study at Secondary Level in Public School

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Adeel Abbas, Dr. Quratulain, Dr. Iffat Basit, Muhammad Wasim Shahzad


In Pakistan, English language education has gone through rapid and diverse reforms in various areas, such as the personal and social interaction of new English language teachers in government schools. Both the public and private sectors in Pakistan have announced various innovations in English language education. Personal and social integration of English instructors is one of the areas where these various initiatives are focusing their efforts. This study depicts various challenges and problems the novice English teachers face in managing classroom discipline in their initial years of job. Via survey method of different Secondary schools in Punjab province and a valid questionnaire technique was employed to obtain the required data of the present study. The ultimate purpose of this study was to analyze the relation between novice English teachers' classroom management skills and their effective social relationship that develops during their initial years of job. Classroom's discipline and significant teaching techniques were detected via classroom management skills.  A mixed-method approach was practiced in the study. SPSS software was applied to compute and analyze the outcomes of the study. The research information needed was gathered using the survey approach. Government Secondary schools in Punjab province were randomly chosen to get the research participants' responses. A detailed questionnaire was used to collect the quantitative data. Through semi-structured interviews, the qualitative data of 150 respondents were analyzed using thematic and content analysis techniques. It is expected that the findings of this study will assist the new English teachers and policymakers in designing various useful policies. It will help to cope with the impending problems and challenges concerning teachers' effective social interaction and classroom management discipline, especially in teaching English subjects in Pakistan.


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