An Epithet of Multiculturalism in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club

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Ms. Jenifer Vencila C, Dr. S. Susan Nirmala, Ms. Sneka D, Ms. Mizpah Rebekah S, Ms. Anitha J


Amy Tan, a renowned Chinese American writer, who has made a great contribution to Chinese American literature. The Joy Luck Club is Tan’s first novel which is considered to be her most successful work; it has gained great popularity among readership as well as critics. Through an overall examination of the criticisms on The Joy Luck Club, we find that the exceptional cultural identity is always the focus in Amy Tan’s novel from most critics who study the novel from cultural perception. Even though a few critics believe that it is a cultural text, most of them only see cultural conflicts between Chinese and American cultures. Few realize substantiation of cultural communication in the novel, let alone its multiculturalism. The paper stated is intended to justify that The Joy Luck Club is an embodiment of multiculturalism.

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