Rising from the Embers: Learning Continuity Experiences of School Leaders in the Throes of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Alicamen, Daryl Benedict L, Alugar, Ritchelee B, Barreto, Rogelio, Daffon, Catherine C Dayagbil, Filomena T, Maute, Karen Salve M, Mobida, Fanny Mae G


The need to ensure learning continuity in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic warrants school leaders to remain at the front line in the continued business of education delivery. This study explored the experiences, perspectives, and practices of school leaders in the continuous quest of providing learning opportunities. Transcendental phenomenology was employed and facilitated with in-depth interviews of 18 school leaders from various basic and higher education institutions in the Philippines. Thematic data analysis revealed emergent themes in the 3 pre-determined components. For issues and concerns: attrition, curriculum recalibration, quality of teaching and learning, instructional materials, faculty well-being, preparedness of stakeholders for a new ICT infrastructure, and restriction of ancillary functions were revealed.

Meanwhile, empowering faculty and staff, prioritizing learners, digitizing processes, collaborating with stakeholders, embracing resilient leadership traits, restructuring budget allocations, and conducting crisis-responsive research are the strategies employed. The use of faculty and staff- centered approach, periodic and sustained strategic controls, optimization of linkages, and provision of student supports are the best practices that aided the school leaders to walk their way through this educational crisis and to rise from the embers.

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