Experimental Study on Influence of Confinement by CFRP Wrapping on Concrete Columns

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Dr. M. Usha Rani, A. Hemamathi, M. Banumathi


Columns   are   the most   important   structural   element of the building.   The overall performance of the structure   depends on   stability of the column  plays a important role  under   different   loading conations.   The  column  should be  provided  with adequate strength   for the  entire design life  of the structure.   Any deficiency occur in the column will affect the smooth function of the structural members and in turn the  structure gets collapse.  The column will be subjected to additional  load due to earthquake and  blast which is of  higher magnitude than design load and there   by failure  happened  in the column.  The columns are   then  retrofitted  to meet the expected design life.    An  experimental work  was carried out  to study the CFRP wrapped column.  The load carrying capacity of conventional concrete columns   compared with the carbon fibre reinforced polymer wrapped columns. Three  different cross sections of the column like circular, square and rectangular were tested. The result of the study demonstrated the CFRP wrapped circular column has  high  percentage increase in  load carrying capacity compared to the conventional circular column  than   the rectangular and square column due to the influence of confinement.

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