Linearly Polarized Wideband Meandered Pifa Antenna For Mobile Applications

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Y. Sukanya, P.V.Y. Jaya Sree


Generally, 6 to 7 patch antennas are used in a mobile for different applications. In this paper, a single antenna is proposed to address several applications in a mobile phone. For this purpose, a Meander line feed planar inverted F- antenna (PIFA) with DGS that radiates at multiple frequencies  is deliberated in this work with VSWR < 2 at all the desired frequencies as it provides good isolation among the desired frequencies. Flame Retardant 4(FR - 4) is preferred as substrate (loss tangent,δ(0.02)) with thickness of 1.53mm.The ground defected structure resembles as slotted sections with fractal shape. The proposed antenna is radiated at three frequencies such as 1.7GHz (1.64 - 1.82 GHz), 2.4GHz (2.2 - 2.6 GHZ) and 4.8GHz (4.44 – 5.35 GHZ) with a reflection coefficient of   -12.9dB, -39dB, - 39dB respectively. With the proposed structure the bandwidth is enhanced by 19% at the upper band with a peak gain of 5.32dBi along with the achievement of linear polarization at all the desired frequencies. The proposed design has a compact dimension of 60X30X1.6mm (0.70x0.35x0.018 wavelengths at lower band) and is well suited for 4G,WLAN, WI-FI and Wi-Max applications.

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