The Role of the Successful Manager in Qualifying Employees in Terms of Mental and Practical Terms

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Shafiz Shahrani, Radzali Hassan, Louis Adaikalam


The manager has a very important role in the work environment and society in general, and we always hear about individuals who join and leave great and distinguished companies because of the manager. The main objective of this paper is to examine the relationship between managers and employee participation and what is the role of a successful manager at work. More specifically, the research addresses the shortcomings of the previous literature where employee performance has been narrowly controlled as a means of accomplishing only traditional tasks. While recent studies show that performance mediating factors such as employee participation constitute important roles for employee performance and organizational performance as well as the organization behavior. It can be affected more positively and effectively by paying attention to the sensitivity of the individual differences of employees in the same organization, which are ultimately motivated by the thoughts and actions of the surrounding environment, including the manager. The study takes a secondary approach to data collection to explore predictors of unconventional employee engagement in an organization due to positive manager performance. The analysis is also based on the study of online surveys from institutions around the world. The results of the research indicate that employee engagement is driven more by inherent employee traits than environmental factors as well as the way managers treat them.

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