Students’ perspectives in utilizing the affixation to learn English vocabulary: A case study at Can Tho University

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Nguyen Huu Chanh


One of the fundamental points to achieve the proficiency in English is mastering the process called word formation, or specifically affixation in English vocabulary. This paper deals with the above notion and related concepts .The study specifically investigates students’ perspectives in using with 3 separate kinds affixation to learn English vocabulary by conducting a survey of 70 students at School of Education, Can Tho University, whose majors are in English language. The data, after collecting from participants, were computed with Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software (SPSS). From the survey, some important findings are discovered. The results showed that (1) students in general should be encouraged to utilize the affixation in its three kinds to augment the proficiency in English language (2) English majored students have optimistic attitude in using the three kinds to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words without using dictionary (3) the three kinds which are essential to apply widespread as intonation, meaning, stress and even speaker’s feelings can be figured out. These findings are believed to made significant contributions to the second language learners.

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