Benchmarking of Industry Readiness for Physical Education Graduates in India

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Manish Kumar, Dr. Ajit, Dr. Meenakshi


The present study is to develop benchmarking of industry readiness for physical education graduates in India. The study focused on the challenges and gap between student experiences and demand of industry and reflect the concern about how benchmarking guides physical education graduates and industry stakeholders in certain direction. Based on the review, four major variables (academics, sports, industry and social responsibility) are identified for the study. A pool of industry stakeholders from school and college principal, directors of sports, head of the departments, CEO and HR of physical education service providing companies and from another domain were identified. Their responses were collected through survey tool protocol and interview protocol with each industry and quality analysis was performed to identify the attributes in influence physical education student readiness for the industry. The identified attribute can be formalized into a self assessment tool for the students, teacher and institution to helps and support students fill the missing attributes before graduation from university and become more industry ready

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