Fantasy, Animal Mystery, Historical and Science Fantasy in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book

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Dr. L. Mahalakshmi, Ms. N. Ilakkia, Ms. M. SathyaPrabha, Ms. P. Indhu, Ms. J. Suganya,


  Rudyard Kipling beautifully designed the fantasy world in The Jungle Book by portraying the small boy Mowgli and how he is taken care by the parent wolves.  The young boy learns to live with the animals and all the animals express the true love to the boy. Animals are the five sense creatures that survive in the jungle and get associated with nature and sometimes with human beings. It is a mystery to imagine how humans survive with animals when the humans are supposed to think about everyday livelihood. Its reflections treat every reader, especially children to think about the survival along with the animals. Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book plays vital role in expressing the fantasy concepts and to understand the value of human life as well as to realize the feelings of animals. The description of fantasy world among the weird animals and the boy's survival with the wolves makes especially the reader to move in the imaginary world and the historical background as well. The narration arouses some interest in the wild animals subconsciously. Every human being understands about the righteousness of life. Animal behavior can be used as a lesson for people’s behavior in this novel. Every human being’s duty is to know or scrutinize about the real world and the real meaning of life granted by the almighty. Kipling, as the man of literary genius inspired everyone and expresses the Darwinian struggle for survival. This paper aims to talk about sensitization of human needs through Fantasy, Animal Mystery, Historical and science fantasy in Rudyard’s Kipling’s Jungle Book.”

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