Comparative Analysis of Nathaniel Hawthorne the Scarlet Letter and Arthur Miller the Crucible

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Faris Thamir Khudhayer, Hayder Shafeeq Neamah


Two of America's most noteworthy scholars, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Arthur Miller have turned into the most imperative mediatorsoif the Puritan to the world. Reference book volume on Miller has been an undertaking affection and revelation. Nathaniel Hawthorne has been known as the first soul of American writing. Mr. Miller's plays are established in a reasonably basic perspective on American life and impelled by the extraordinary individual conviction of a man who cares what he expounds on and expounds on something that matters.  Miller is regularly matched with Nathaniel Hawthorne, topics that show up in his work have frequently been inspected in connection to different journalists also. As anyone might expect, 'The Crucible' is frequently considered with 'The Scarlet Letter'. The prohibitive and smothering puritanical society basic connection between 'The Crucible' and the Scarlet Letter. The Puritans had a seriously imperative part in the game plan of Early America, and furthermore a religion that influenced our underlying American Society.These two explicit writers who made out of Puritan times passed on in their substance, the likeness' of religion discipline, and infidelity in the Puritan society of seventeenth Century.

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