Educational inequalities as a hindrance for revisiting social studies curriculum innovations in Nigeria Secondary Schools

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Unimna F. A. Ph.D, Udem Akaninyene Umo Ph.D, Abunimye Peter Ikpatem, Ejikpese Victoria Andornimye Assoh, Eucheria Uyourbuo


This paper examines inequalities of education as it affects curriculum innovation in Nigerian schools. In the course of this paper, the concept of inequality was clearly stated, educational inequality, barriers to equality of educational opportunities in Nigeria, major hindrances to curriculum review/innovation as a result of inequality to educational opportunity and possible solutions were proffered. It was observed that curriculum review is a process that requires action from different angles and stakeholders who are directly involve in the implementation process. So many hindrances to it review as a result of different educational background need to be address so as to make the innovational review process a success for both educational sector and the nation at large. For social studies curriculum to be properly formulated, implemented and evaluated, there is a need to revisit the various processes through curriculum innovations and reviews

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