Mindfulness Moderates the Relationship Between Vocabulary Recall and Foreign-Language Performance: A Preliminary Survey of Hanoi city Student Non-Professional

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Phuong Huu Tung


In recent times, many Vietnamese students have signed up for very active mindfulness meditation classes. This fact has received significant attention from scientists to add to the evidence of previous studies. Enrich the research literature, and This study explores how mindfulness meditation practise moderates the relationship between vocabulary recall and vocabulary levels. And foreign language learning performance of students in Vietnam. This study was conducted through a cross-sectional survey using an intentional sampling technique (n=200). Multivariable linear regression analysis and moderator regression were applied to prove the hypotheses. Research results show a positive and meaningful association between mindfulness meditation practice, vocabulary memory level and foreign language learning performance of students. In particular, mindfulness meditation acts as a moderator of the relationship between the level of vocabulary thanks to the foreign language learning performance of students

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